Tuesday Blog

It has been a while since we gave the website any attention but let’s have a quick update. The previous season peaked and it got so busy that we didn’t quite have the time to fit in the extra work that is needed for the website. We assure you that this is on the table and our very long to do list but we will get our site up and running soon for shopping!

It has been a slow start to the year and we thank all of our customers who continually support us and keep our business going!

So, Easter has been and gone and the weather has picked up. Hope it was a great weekend for all of you!

I’m excited to be launching a monthly live collaboration with other women in business and using our HG platform to share stories on things that matter! Our first session will be tomorrow Wednesday 20th April at 12.15pm on our Instagram platform @hg.gib with some great prizes to be won!! Tune in for details.

Until the next one I’ll be signing off for today as it was just a quick update and to announce our live chat tomorrow!


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