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Hi Everyone!!!

Welcome to our new Hot Gossip Website, we are working on getting our products loaded up and you’ll be able to browse online soon.  If there is anything you see online and would like to try before you buy, POP into our shop at 25 City Mill Lane, Gibraltar, but be quick as we always have limited stock and may not be able to replenish on some styles.

It has been a tough year for retail and your local support has been much appreciated, it keeps our business running and supports ALL of our staff members jobs!  Thank you for being so patient with us whilst we get our website up and running!! We look forward to adding to our collection online as we go along and as new stock comes in!!

Some of you may already know us, but for those of you who don’t, I’m Cinman and I run Hot Gossip alongside with my partner Gino!  You may also know us from our toy shop – The Toy Box which is now at 96 Irish Town.  You will often find Gino down at The Toy Box and I’m normally working away behind my computer at the office!

Hot Gossip was originally Gino’s parents’ business, if you are from that generation you may already know his parents, Alfred and Belinda.  They closed due to retirement and none of us were quite ready to take that over back then.  Fast forward a number of years later and as the opportunity arose we decided to give Hot Gossip a revamp whilst retaining the name and the rebirth of HG happened in September 2020 amidst the pandemic!

So, let me introduce and get a little personal with our team and our work family.

Heading our sales floor is lovely Chantal who is no stranger to Hot Gossip, she was a member of staff from the original shop and has returned with experience in life and under the highest recommendations from Alfred and Belinda!  We have complete faith and trust that she will be able to help and assist you whenever you visit with a smile on her face and her stylish classic expertise in fashion.

We’ve seen a beautiful glow up with Chantal who has been radiating and buzzing on our shop floor in the last months.  She is a mum of 2 and in her spare time enjoys playing video games, reading, writing and drawing.

Second to none I’d like to introduce Sergi who is a freshly graduated Masters in Textiles, throwing us a sexy sultry pose in his headshot, he has a keen eye in putting the most fashionable outfits together.

Sergi also manages our social media account and co-ordinates with all of us to deliver to you a preview of our products through Facebook and Instagram!  If you are already a follower, HE is the source of the quirky captions and the photographer behind the lens.  Over the next couple of months we will be developing on our social media, so watch this space on how we progress!! Follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already @hg.gib

When Sergi is not working he enjoys playing guitar and other instruments, drawing, diy-ing and making clothes.  He aspires to work in a big brand Fashion House and loves styling.

Our business ethos is to provide for our local community and connect with YOU as our customers.  Some of you have already become regular visitors in the last months and I am certainly told about it.  We see you guys come in, have the chats and we love that.  That’s what community is about, we’re not just about the retail therapy but my team is all ears when you need it.

There is so much more we have planned for you this year and I look forward to unveiling every bit of it when the time is right.  In the meantime happy browsing once we’re up and watch out for our future blogs which will be a regular feature for us.

On that note I’ll leave you with this quote and sign off

‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’


Hot Gossip

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